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1120 Knollwood Drive, Newbury Park, CA 91320

A California Distinguished School

Home of the Bobcats

Banyan Elementary School is a unique elementary school. Located adjacent to Mt. Boney, with a panoramic view of the mountains and the Potrero Valley, it is truly a neighborhood school. When visiting the campus, you would see parents walking their children to school, often with younger siblings trailing behind or pushed in strollers. Entering the Banyan campus, you might hear the sounds of birds perched in plentiful trees in Spring, or the rustle of leaves in the Fall. The laughter of children, the conversation of many involved parents, and the bustling around of hardworking teachers reflects the energy of the school.

The Banyan staff views everyone’s mission as: “Building the future through personal growth and academic success.” The school is home to children, teachers and parents alike. Together the parents and entire staff work to help each child achieve success. A mural on the campus shows a bobcat (the school’s mascot) jumping over the moon. It’s our belief that each child can reach remarkable goals. The children chant “Effort Equals Success” at weekly Bobcat Assemblies. They are continually told that their hard work will help them achieve academic success. We welcome you to Banyan. We hope you become an active, involved member of the Banyan Elementary team, your child’s home away from home.

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4200 Kimber Drive, Newbury Park, CA, 91320
(805) 498-6683(805) 498-6683
(805) 375-5600
2626 Michael Dr, Newbury Park, CA, 91320

The Environmental Academy of Research Technology and EartH Sciences (EARTHS) Magnet School for K-5 students, offers each student a challenging curriculum that is interwoven with environmental science and technology.  We offer a diverse, content-rich, hands-on, engaging curriculum and provides students with unique opportunities through its integrated inquiry-based science curriculum, which utilize the Exploration Center and bio labs, as well as an innovative outdoor learning program.

EARTHS promotes learning as an integrated, interdisciplinary process rather than as a series of isolated subjects. The focus is on earth, life and physical sciences and technology, providing students with an opportunity to learn through active engagement and receive in-depth science exposure.  By delving more deeply into subjects with a cross-curricular approach and using science and technology as a unifying theme for exploration, EARTHS helps students acquire the tools of inquiry and expression so that each student can construct a personally meaningful understanding of the world and become an imaginative, independent thinker. This approach, coupled with service learning opportunities, a strong presence of parents, through a minimum of three volunteer hours per month per family, and our community partners, creates an environment where students develop a capacity for service learning, cooperation, and responsibility.

As part of the Conejo Valley Unified School District, we receive the same funding as every school in our district and the State of California.  Our program is made possible by contributions from our Community Partners, EARTHS PTA and EARTHS parents.  We are very thankful for our relationships.

3501 Kimber Dr., Newbury Park, CA, 91320
581 Dena Dr., Newbury Park, CA, 91320

Home of the Wildcats

Mission Statement:

To develop the whole child through rigorous academics incorporating the visual and performing arts within the curriculum to orchestrate creative and analytical thinking.

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